Freeport, Illinois

Blackhawk Battlefield Park in Pearl City, IL

Blackhawk Battlefield Park in Pearl City, IL

Welcome to Blackhawk Battlefield Park in Pearl City, IL. Located just south of the Mississippi River, this park is home to a variety of outdoor opportunities and is a great destination for all to enjoy. From camping and fishing to bird watching and trail walking, there is something to suit everyone’s interests. Learn more here.

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The park is appropriately named after the Native American leader Black Hawk, who fought in the Black Hawk War of 1832. During this time, Black Hawk and his band of Potawatomi Indians squared off against the United States military for control of the land in the area. Today, the park stands in recognition and remembrance of the brave warriors and historic battles. Blackhawk Battlefield Park is a great place for an outdoor experience in the Midwest. During the summer months, the park offers camping and fishing opportunities to those looking to commune with the outdoors. Those who enjoy casting a line can expect to catch a variety of species including carp, pike, bass, and walleye. There are also plenty of trails for exploring. The path system runs a total of 6.75 miles, with a mixture of crushed gravel, asphalt, and grassy areas. Along these trails are particular points of interest as well. Visitors can wander in silence, take photos, or take a leisurely stroll to observe all the park has to offer. Learn more about Oakdale Nature Preserve in Freeport, IL.

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